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These pages are devoted to the surname Orban and some other related names. All my research has been made exclusively on the Internet or by e-mail.

The name Orban is very common both in Belgium (where I was born) and in Hungary (where it is written Orbán), but it is also known many other countries throughout the world. What is its origin and its meaning?  That's what these pages are all about.

In a first page, you will see the etymology of the name Orban; another page shows some curiosities about this name. The next page shows the various countries where I was able to locate people with the name Orban, another page gives some details about some Orban's who became famous, and the last page gives some literature from or about the Orbans. Finally, there is also a page with Orban links and a page to thank the various and numerous contributors to this study.

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The Orban mailing list

The Orban mailing list is a discussion forum where anyone can tell the other members about new discoveries, variations on the Orban surname, genealogical links, trends on emigration, parts of the world where Orbans have settled, URLs of Orban companies, new famous Orbans, or any other topic he or she deems interesting to the Orban community.

I strongly encourage you to subscribe to this mailing list by filling this form. See also the related Urban mailing list, run by Carol Urban from the USA.

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