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A company named Halbert's Family Heritage has published "The World Book of Orbans". It has a large list of names and addresses (incomplete and not always reliable), as well as a description of the coat of arms. Their address is 367 Ira Road, Bath, Ohio 44210 (USA).

This site is proud to publish the full text of The Story of Phillip Orban, a SciFi novel by Frank Belknap Long.

Orban's Oral Histology & Embryology, C. L. Anderson, Clair Van Norman Langton Pub. Price $61.95 ISBN#: 0801602394 Publisher: Mosby-Year Book, Inc. Format: Hardcover. Date published: January 1970. Edition description: 6th ed. Edition number: 11. Available from Barnes and Nobles (link hereunder).

Periodontics: In the Tradition of Gottlieb & Orban, Daniel A. Grant, Irving B. Stern, Balint J. Orban, Max A. Listgarten, Bernhard Gottlieb. Price $77.95. ISBN#: 0801620171. Publisher: Mosby-Year Book, Inc. Format: Hardcover. Date published: January 1988. Edition description: 6th ed. Edition number: 6. Available from Barnes and Nobles (link hereunder).

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Un ministre de génie : Frère-Orban (1812-1896), by Léo Moulin. - Brussels : Centre d'études financières, tiré à part de : Revue de la Banque, p. 221-234. (in French)

Descendance de Henri Joseph Orban à la date du 1er septembre 1971, by Madeleine Lippens Peltzer, Countess Maurice Lippens. I have this book at home, but it is not available in shops anymore. (in French)

In 1978 Robert ORBAN  published three books (with limited diffusion) on the history of his family, originating from the Gaume region in Belgium; the first volume contains the results of his genealogical research. These books are not available anymore.
These  books by author Christine Orban are available from Alapage in France and from Proxis in Belgium:
  • La Femme Adultère, Flammarion - Fiction, Roman
  • Le Collectionneur, Pocket - Best, Roman (01-03-1996)
  • Le Collectionneur, Albin Michel - Roman (1994)
  • Emmanuel Ungaro - hardback (01-05-1999)
  • L'attente - paperback  (01-05-1999)
  • L'âme soeur - paperback (23-07-1998)
  • Une folie amoureuse, Editor Olivier Orban - paperback (01-02-1997)
Christine Orban 

Christine Orban est critique littéraire et romancière , son dernier ouvrage "J'étais l'origine du monde" vient de paraître chez Albin Michel. 

Bibliographie :

  • L'Attente (éd. Albin Michel, 1999)
  • Ungaro, (éd. Assouline, 1999).
  • L'Âme sœur (éd. Albin Michel, 1998)
  • Une folie amoureuse en collaboration avec Olivier Orban, (éd. Grasset, 1997)
  • Le Collectionneur (éd. Albin Michel, 1993)
  • La Femme adultère, (éd. Flammarion, 1991)
  • Une année amoureuse de Virginia Woolf, sous le nom de Christine Duhon (éd. Olivier Orban, 1990)
  • Le Fil de soi, (éd. Olivier Orban, 1988)
  • Les Petites filles ne meurent jamais sous le nom de Christine Rheims, (éd. Jean-Claude Lattès, 1986). 

Some have been translated in German and are available on Amazon.de

  • Planspiele einer Liebe (1998 ed. Olivier Orban) - (2001 pocketbook)
  • Der Sammler 
József Gyula Orbán 
Friedensbewegung Katholischer Priester in Ungarn, 1950-1956
METEM, Budapest 1966 (in German) 

This well-documented book relates the foundation of a peace movement amongst the catholic priests of Hungary by the communist government in 1950-1956.

Hereunder follows a list of books by or on Orbans hat can be found at the site of Amazon.com through the link hereunder (select "Books" and enter the keyword "Orban"). Some (with prices in BEF) are also available from Proxis.

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Guide to Owning a German Shepherd : Puppy Care, Grooming, Training, History, Health, Breed Standard (Re Dog Series) ~ Timothy Orban / Paperback / Published 1996
Price: $5.56 ~ You Save: $1.39 (20%)

The Journey of Barbarus
Otto Orban / Paperback / Published 1997
Price: $10.00

Blood of the Walsungs: Selected Poems
Otto Orban / Paperback
Price: $13.95

Symbolon Deck ~
Zinnel,Weller, Orban, et al / Cards / Published 1997
Price: $25.00

Artificial and Biological Vision Systems (Esprit Basic Research Series) ~
Guy A. Orban, H.H. Hagel (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 30-11-1992
Price: $98.00

Cognitive Neuroscience : Research Directions in Cognitive Science (European Perspectives, Vol 4)
Guy A. Orban, et al / Hardcover / Published 1991
Price: $45.00 (Special Order)

Neuronal Operations in the Visual Cortex (Studies of Brain Function, Vol.11)
Guy A. Orban / Hardcover / Published 1983
Price: $54.00 (Special Order)

The Culture of Fragments. Words and Images in Futurism and Surrealism. Vol 11
Clara ORBAN / Paperback / Published 1997
Price: $41.00 (Special Order)

Healthy Happy Aging
William Orban / Paperback / Published 1991
Price: $20.00 (Special Order)

Let's Talk an Oil Deal : Your Key to Oil Patch Lingo ~
John Orban, Jack Clady (Illustrator) / Paperback / Published 1991
Price: $13.50

Money in the Ground : Insider's Guide to Oil Deals
John Orban / Paperback / Published 1997
Price: $39.50 (Special Order)

The 1995 Standard Oil Pocket Guide
Rick Marshall, John Orban / Paperback / Published 1996
Price: $39.50 (Special Order)

Money in the Ground : Oil and Gas Investments Explained
John Orban

Periodontics : In the Tradition of Gottlieb and Orban
Daniel Grant / Hardcover / Published 1987
Price: $77.95 (Special Order)

Orban's Oral histology and embryology
Balint J. Orban

What Is Art All About?
Desiderius Orban

Desiderius Orban, his life and art
Gil Docking

Fiberarts Design Book Four (also available at Proxis)
Nancy Orban (Editor)

The Tapestry Maker's Art
Rob Pulleyn, Nancy Orban

Mr. 5BX, Canadian fitness pioneer : a biography of William A.R. Orban
John J. Jackson

And then, all these nice little books by Madeleine Orban-Szontagh:

All the above books are available from Amazon.
The following books can be found at Proxis in Belgium:

Muir, Patrick F. and Orban, Peter E., Sensors and controls for intelligent machining, paperback (31-05-1999)

Buuren, A.M.J. van / Lie, O.S.H. / Orban, A.P., Den duytschen Cathoen / druk I, paperback (23-07-1998) (in Dutch)

Orban, Journal de Bébé Rose (1998), (in French)

Clabots, Orban, Journal de Bébé Bleu (1998), (in French)

Timothy Orban, Duitse herders zien en kennen (05-02-1997), (in Dutch). Translation of the English book on German shepherds mentioned above.

Madeleine Orban-Szontagh, La septième tache du monstre - Amérique du Nord (01-09-1996),  (in French)

Peter Orban, Ingrid Zinnel, Théa Weller, Symbolon, le jeu de la mémoire oubliée, paperback (01-07-1996), (in French)

Jean-Pierre Orban (in French):

Patart, Stanus, De Coster, Orban, Le moyen âge et la période moderne (1993)  (in French) Eddy Kestemont, John Orban, Physique générale - DEUG A1 maths sup (1993) (in French)

Benoît Jadot, Jean-Pierre Hannequart, Etienne Orban, Le droit de l'environnement - aspects juridiques, paperback (1989)

Guy A. Orban, professor at the Catholic University of Leuven (in Dutch):

Under the direction of Edmond Orban, professor at the University of Montréal (in French): From the last author, the following books are available, a/o on the website of the University of Montréal: [Top of page] [Main Orban page]


I would like to share with you the wonderful experience that I enjoyed by purchasing two CDs from György Orban (born 1947).
The work is performed by the Loránd Eötvös University Béla Bartók Choir and the University Orchestra conducted by Gábor Baross, together with four soloists. It is modern classic, but deeply emotional. Reference: Hungaroton Classic HCD 31824. List price $16.97, available from Amazon at $14.99.
To purchase these CDs, order through Amazon at the link hereunder (select "Classical Music" and enter the keyword "Orban"):
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