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19-28 February 2003: bankruptcy of Air Lib and transfer of related section to former Airlines page. New A319 and new pictures of A330 of SN Brussels Airlines. New B737-800 of Sobelair. Air France Concorde. Belair B757.
12 December 2002: bankruptcy of Delsey Airlines and transfer of related section to former Airlines page
18 July 2002: A320 of the newly created Thomas Cook Airlines.
31 May 2002: A330-200 of the newly created VG Airlines. A340, DC10 and MD83 of AirLib. B737-300 of Virgin Express. Broken links removed.
29 April 2002: split-off of site with former airlines. Delta 767 and MD90 new colours. Continental Millenium Jet. AirLib F28. Air France B777 and A320. A330-300 and ARJ100 of SN Brussels Airlines. B757-200 of Belair.
15 February 2002: SN Brussels Airlines: A new airline in Belgium, on the ashes of Sabena
31 December 2000: A330 Edelweiss. Delta B777 Olympic colours. LOT Embraer RJ and B737-500. Air France CRJ200 and B737-500. New sections on EasyJet (with B737-300) and VLM (with F50).  Continental B767.
28 October 2000: Delta B737-800 and L1011. B747C of Air France.
9 July 2000: several Airbus pictures (A318 Air France, A320 Edelweiss, Airbus section)
17 May 2000: Boeings 737-800, 757 and 777 of Delta. Boeing 737-700 of Continental.
18 April 2000: Olympic Boeing 717. Air Littoral, French regional airline.

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This site concentrates on 5 countries with which I have a special relation:

Airlines which have recently disappeared are handled in a separate page.

With an additional Miscellaneous chapter containing a section on Airbus.

See also my links to other airliners sites, airlines and airports.

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Belgium  BE

2001 was a sad year for Belgian airlines, with the bankruptcies of two of its largest airlines: the flag carrier Sabena and the charter company City Bird. This came after the bankruptcy of charter company Constellation International and after British operator Airtours terminated the existence of its charter subsidiary Air Belgium.

SN Brussels

2002 gives reasons for hope again. Built on the remains of Delta Air Transport, the short-haul subsidiary of Sabena, SN Brussels Airlines was given its new name and colours on 15 February 2002, with a fleet consisting essentially of AVRO Regional Jets. Flights to Africa started on 26 April 2002 with Airbuses A330s from Sabena operated by Birdy Airlines (the successor of CityBird). Three Airbus A319 were introduced in March 2003.

The charter subsidiary of national carrier Sabena is still alive. As well as the three Boeings B737-300, the three B737-400 and the three B767, the fleet was reinforced with a modern Airbus A320 and an extra Boeing B737 in July and August 2000. The Boeing 737-800 was introduced in late 2002.

Belgium-based subsidiary of Richard Branson's Virgin Group, this largest low fare airline in Europe was lauched by the founders of City Bird. It used to fly exclusively Boeing 737 aircraft painted in a bright red colour and with a non-smoking, single class configuration with beverage service...

...but in the past it also registered aircraft in Ireland, most notably an A320 painted in white...

Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium

Charter airline set up by tour operator Thomas Cook after the demise of CityBird. It uses 6 Airbus A320.

The express courier company with its main European hub in Brussels Airport added nine Airbus A300B4-200s to its fleet in 1998. The first Airbus has already been delivered and flies the Brussels-Nordic routes of DHL.

A Belgian regional airline.

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Poland PL


Poland's flag carrier

A subsidiary of LOT for domestic and short-haul European flights with a fleet of ATRs 42 and 72 and Jetstreams 31.

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Switzerland CH

2001/2002 was a sad year for Swiss airlines, with the bankruptcies of two of its major airlines: the flag carrier Swissair and the regional airline SwissWings. This came after the bankruptcy of Swiss World Airways in 1998.

Swiss (short for Swiss International Airlines) is the successor of bankrupt Swissair, created from its regional subsidiary Crossair.

A Swiss charter airline.

Swiss subsidiary of a no-frills airline founded in UK.

Formed out of defunct Balair in November 2001, Belair Airlines now operate the former carrier's two 757-200s. Belair are owned by Hotelplan, the Swiss travel agency.

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Continental Airlines

Other US Airlines

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France FR

A French regional airline. It has 17 CRJ, 10 ATR 42-500 and 5 Fokker 70.


The Airbus Collection (pictures provided by GIE Airbus)


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Hot Links

General information

Aviation@Landings: world's busiest aviation hub in cyberspace (this site is listed in their Aviation Images section)
International Civil Aviation Organization: the United Nations agency in charge of civil aviation

Other Airliners sites

Mick's Airliner Photo Mega-Index: a site with lots of pictures
Airliners Net: a Swedish site with many pictures, including some of mine
Ralph Kunadt's Airliner Photos on the Web: a site devoted mainly to Swiss airliners and airports
The Airliner Gallery of Jan de Hoog
Akihiro Kinugawa: a Japanese enthusiast
Craig's Plane site: the site boasts a UK aviation section
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Aircrafts with a good section on Belgian airlines
A Spanish website by Juan Rodriguez
Airline Calling from Maria Donicht in Germany
The First Israeli aviation site
General Aviation Website
Luchtzak, a great recent Belgian Aviation Website to which I regularly co-operate (see banner hereunder)


SN Brussels Airlines: the new national airline of Belgium
Sobelair, the charter subsidiary of the former Sabena
Virgin Express: a low-fare airline in Europe, based in Brussels
VLM Airlines: a Belgian regional airline
LOT Polish Airlines: the national airline of Poland
Swiss: the new national airline of Switzerland
Edelweiss Air: a charter airline from Switzerland
Air France: the national airline of France
Regional Airlines of France
Air Littoral, a regional airline from the South of France
Delta Air Lines: has taken over the transatlantic and European routes of now defunct PanAm, which I enjoyed to fly because of its generous frequent flyer programme
Continental Airlines: one of the best frequent flyer programmes available; miles never expire; monthly statements available on Internet


Brussels(Belgium): won the second prize for European airport sites
Geneva (Switzerland): I lived close to it and enjoyed its quietness and comfort

Aircraft manufacturers

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