Updates in the "Orban" pages

Modification in 2011:

7 February A new British etymology for the name Orban

Modification in 2007:

21 October At long last Tina Jo Orban videos added

Modification in 2006:

2 August Orban of La Roche genealogy page updated
5 January Tina Jo Orban page updated

Modification in 2005:

31 October A further report on famous Hungarian metallurgist Orban in the siege of Constantinople in 1453. Tina Jo Orban won the Las Vegas Ms Figure compettion and won: first place!
17 September Eight superb new pictures of fitness model Tina Jo Orban
18 July Etylomogy of the el-Orbany name in Egypt
13-23 February Additions to the Orban of La Roche family tree. Another famous Orban in Belgium: Suzanne Lippens nee Orban
25 January
Update of my own family tree

Modification in 2004:

7 November
New page on the marvelous story of Phillip Orban
7-9 February New additions relative to immigration into the US through Ellis Island. Orbane in the Philippines. Many additions to the Orban of La Roche family tree.

Modification in 2003:

20 December Updated my own family tree. Creation of my blog (please post comments)
4 July Switched the mailing list from Sorengo (that discontinued such service) to Yahoo Groups. Orbant in Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria. Lots of new photographs of models Sarah Orbanic and Tina Jo Orban
21 May New information on Egyptian Orbans. Change from Time New Roman to Verdana fonts
14 March Additions to genealogy of Orban de Xivry, of La Roche (Belgium).
4 February Many new links to Orban sites

Modification in 2002:

12 July Migration of the site from Geocities (Yahoo) to Tripod (Lycos)
29 May Update of Germany. The name Orbany in Hungary.
21 April A new page on fitness model Sarah Orbanic. New pictures of Tina Jo Orban. A new page on the Orbán family from Milwaukee and Brazil. Major update of the main page. Completion of second branch of Orbán de Lengyelfalva family. Addition to page on famous Jean-André Orban.
2 March Additions to the site of the village of Orbán in Spain.

Modification in 2001:

16 August Update on Singapore. Two new pages on famous Jean-André Orban and his cabaret De Kwak.
6 July New pictures of the French village of Orban. Update on French Orbans, and on Croatian Orbanics who emigrated to the US. New section on Singapore. Update of my own family tree.
6 January New pictures of Tina Jo Orban. Orbaneja and Urbaneja in Venezuela.

Modifications in 2000:

31 October Link to a Canadian Orbans site, originally from Transylvania. Update of the Lengyelfalva family tree. New links. More information on famous Jean-André Orban.
15 July Many new photos of Tina Jo Orban. Update of Orban mailing lists. A German poem about a castle named "Schloss Orban". Vacation villa for rent near the Spanish village of Orban.
1 June Orban in Uruguay. Expansion of my own family tree
17 May The Orbans of Birthälm (Romania). Update of USA. Translation of names of former Hungarian cities and map of former borders of Hungary. Pictures of famous Orbans: Viktor Orbán and Hubert Frère-Orban
25 April The Orbans of Lorraine (France). El Orbany in Egypt. Orbanic in Croatia. Playboy model Tina Jo Orban (with pictures). Further information on Honduras and USA. New link to the Orbans of Saskatchewan. The unitarian faith of Szekely Orbans in Erdely.
28 March Update of literature. Update of Canada and the Netherlands. Origin of Oirbans in the Netherlands. The coat of arms of the Winandy branch of my family.
9 January Updating of page on Orban of La Roche family and famous Orbans in Belgium. Orbans in Portugal. Expansion of my own family tree

Modifications in 1999:

1 November New personal and company links. Orbans in Honduras. Update of Canada. Famous painter in Hungary. A famous mayor in Belgium. The origin of Orben. A lot of new books by and about Orbans.
7 August Addition of music to the literature page
21 June Update of Hungary, USA, England, France and Belgium. Update of literature. Link to Urbin genealogy forum
9 May A lot of new books by and about Orbans
21 March Update of Canada and Belgium.
28 February Complete overhaul of the Orban Links page, with many additional links to Orban sites. Origin of the name Orbanz. Updating of USA, France, Brazil, Canada
2 January Updating of page on Belgian and French nobility. Updating of USA, France.

Modifications in 1998:

25 December A new Orban family of French nobility. Description of two new coats of arms. New information on France and USA. Addition of Luxembourg.
14 November More information on the Orbáns of Hungary
24 October The Orbans of Peru. Photo of coat of arms of the Barons Orbán de Lengyelfalva. Biography of Hungarian painter Deszõ Orbán. Updating of links and USA. Meaning of Orban as a first name.
11 October Large expansion of the Orbán de Lengyelfala page (history of the family, genealogy). Updating of Belgium (Orban immigrants from Hungary to Belgium). Additional information on the first famous Hungarian Orbán (the cannon maker from 1453). Announcement of the nomination of Viktor Orbán as prime minister of Hungary. Expansion of my own genealogy
21 July Earliest mention of the name Orban in Germany. Update of the USA, with also the earliest mention there.
1 April Orban de Xivry family in Canada. Etymology of the Spanish branch of the Orbans. Belgian Orbans in Canada and England.
1 March Creation of the Orban mailing list. Updating of Hungary. Many additions in the pages on the Orbans of La Roche and my own genealogy.
8 Februari New presentation with frames and more pages. Updating of Belgium, USA (Ellis Island Wall of Honor), Croatia, Yugoslavia, Austria, France.
5 January Orbans in Croatia. New information about Orban families in France and Italy. More information about Orbans in Seattle, WA (USA), Norway.

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