An Orban family of Milwaukee and Brazil

Andras (Andrew) Orban was born on 27 October 1893 in Ujfutak, Hungary (also known as Futak or Futog Yugo). He died on 9 December 1959. His father was Nikoleus (Nicholas) Orban and his mother Franriske (Frances) Bacheriech.

Andrew had been trained as a shoemaker in Europe.  When he first came to Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA), he worked in a shoe factory.  At the time of the illness that lead to his death, he worked as a roofer and sider.  He was 66 years old at the time of his death.

Andrew (known as Andreas then), entered the US through the port in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 25 November 1911.  The ship was the SS Prinz Oskar which left Europe from Hamburg, Germany.  Information taken from the passenger manifest:  18 year old, single, male. Occupation:  boot maker.  Able to read and write:  Nationality:  Hungarian.  Race: German.  Last place of Residence:  Ujfutak, Hungary.  Name of nearest relative in Europe:  mother Franriske Orban living in Ujfutak, Hungary.  Destination:  Milwaukee, WI. Has ticket to final destination:  yes.  Who are you meeting in US and where do they live:  Father, Nikoleus Orban, 13th Street, Milwaukee, WI  "Hinter House"  Height: 5'7" Complexion:  fair.  Hair:  blond.  Eyes: grey.  Place of birth:  Ujfutak, Hungary.

Andrew married Katherine Zimmerman on August 4, 1917 in Milwaukee, WI. Their marriage produced three children:

The story says that father Nicholas returned to Hungary and then later went to Brazil to live with a half-brother of Andrew... The child, Andrew Walter Orban married Katherine Pezewski in June of 1948.  Their marriage produced three children:
  • James Andrew Orban, born 3/12/1953 - died October 1995, no children
  • Mary Ellen Orban (now Dalton), born 4/4/1955 - married & divorced - one child, Brian P. Dalton (4/24/1981)
  • Jerry Robert Orban, born 1/3/1957 - married, no children
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